These are just some of the problems home-sellers face in 2020. There are no two opinions: this year got off to a shaky start. Abandoning ship and moving to a new home in Long Island might be one way of turning your lemons into lemonade – but is it truly that simple?

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), only 66% of home-sellers were satisfied with the deal they got. Given the money you’re putting on the line – you, at the very least, deserve a fair deal. Luckily for you, this advice is backed up by the best real estate agents in America. 

So, how do you sell a house?

Step 1: Make Sure You’re Ready

Even though we all sell homes at one point in our lives, taking the plunge takes a lot of thinking. According to the NAR, the homes sold in 2019 alone were worth 5.34 million. Some people realize they’ve jumped the gun after they are done moving to a new home in Long Island. 

But we get it – the indecisiveness is natural. Even people who manage to pull off excellent deals feel the dubiousness (even if they don’t like admitting it). According to our world-class sales associates, here are some signs that you’re ready to jump out of the nest:

  • The gut check is complete. You feel you’ve prepared yourself emotionally. Not only are you ready to vacate the four walls that surround you, but you’re also ready to leave your precious memories behind.
  • Your financial situation gives you room to make this decision. 
  • Make sure you won’t end up owing more than what the home is worth.

Step 2: How Much Is Your Home Worth Anyway?

According to the NAR, home-sellers had an average equity gain of $60,000. In 2018, this amount was $55,000 – but this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Real estate is one of the best investments in the world. There are some automated valuation models (AVMs) that use real estate market data to calculate the value of your home. They can give you a ballpark idea of what your home is worth.

But a great place to start is our own custom home valuation tool

Step 3: Some Repairs and Upgrades Wouldn’t Hurt!

Our expert sales associates will tell you how a deal can prolong when they’re negotiating repairs. Hiding a repair won’t do you any good because buyer inspections reveal everything. If you want to make sure your home gets off the market fast, we recommend you make the repairs yourself before you put it up for sale. 

These repairs increase the value of your house, and you can, in turn, attract more buyers.

Step 4: Hire a Stellar Real Estate Agent

If you’re selling a house or moving to a new home in Long Island for the first time – our sales associates will make the process incredibly easy for you. As tempting as it might be to ask for advice from close relationships – stick with professionals like Berkshire Hathway Laffey International Realty who are proven juggernauts. 

Thanks to our online transaction management system, we ensure all deadlines are met. This makes the process incredibly smooth and efficient for you.