So you’ve decided to buy a new home – congratulations! But now, you need a mortgage. How do you go about choosing the right mortgage company in Long Island? For many people, this decision is based on the deal they get and exemplary customer service. 

And it’s a decision that deserves all the thought you’re giving to it! 

Buying a home is a decision that affects us and our generations for years to come. If you’re choosing the right mortgage company in Long Island, not only will they explain all the home loans they provide, but they’ll also describe to you how the whole process will span out. If you’re a first time buyer – this is essential! Most first time movers are also not aware of what’s expected from them if they’re applying for a loan.   

Here are a few ways you can make sure you pick the right company for your mortgage. 

Online Reviews

Online reviews from Google, Zillow, Yelp, and the company’s official page can certainly help. Online platforms tell you how well – or how poorly – a company has treated its clients. Some of the intricate details you should be focusing on are: 

  • The speed of the lending process
  • Were there any complications in the process
  • Would the reviewer hire them for their services again

Surfing through the web can also give you an idea of the multiple loan rates you can get in the Long Island mortgage market. 

Understand Your Budget

Sure, you want the best mortgage in Long Island – but doesn’t everyone want that? The best mortgage provider is different for everyone because everyone has different budgets. To make sure you pick the right deal from the best lender, try to zero in on the monthly payment you’re able to afford. 

A lender can also preapprove you based on your income; however, they don’t consider all of your monthly bills. To get an accurate idea, try to account for your bills and other financial emergencies you have. 

Do you have to save for your child’s college education?

What does your retirement fund look like?

Do you have a safety net to fall back on?

A mortgage payment that falls into your budget does not only pay for your house – it also pays for your peace of mind. 

Compare Loan Rates

As aforementioned, try to get loan rates for different kinds of loans. These loans can be:

  • A 15-year loan
  • A 30-year loan
  • An adjustable-rate mortgage

When you’re talking to a mortgage loan originator, try to compare the rates you’re getting. Which one benefits you from a financial standpoint? Remember, if a company has the lowest interest rates – it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re the best in the business. 

The lender’s experience is vital when you’re choosing the right mortgage company in Long Island, and that’s where Contour Mortgage thrives. Our professionals are committed to providing you with clarity before you’re sure you’ve made the right choice. 

The relationships we’ve built in the banking industry over the years help us get you the best deals. Contact us today to learn more.